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TEHUA, Mexico

     Tehuamixtle is a picturesque little fishing village set on a beautiful bay. The bay is rich
with fish, oysters, and lobster as well as providing safe anchorage. The surrounding area
is one of the last remaining expanses of pristine beach on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.
Undiscovered by many, yet accessible, Tehua is less than two hours drive south of Puerto
     Tehua, as it is known by the locals has long been a destination for those seeking a
peaceful laid-back place. Some come for the diving, or fishing, or just to hang out and
enjoy the fresh seafood. Many sailors know the bay as safe harbor and make it a place to
drop anchor and relax for a day or two. More recently, Tehua has become a place to
escape the crowds of Puerto Vallarta areas.
     For those who have experienced Mexico over the years, this will seem reminiscent of a
time past. This will not last much longer, as large sections of the surrounding ocean front
lands are quietly being purchased by big investors.
     It may be a good time to discover Tehua for yourself. Tehua today is so close, yet so
far away from the rest of the world.

A special place
on the Pacific
Coast of Mexico.
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